Message from the Director

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: and people who mean to be their own Governor, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

Jame Madison
We inspire and motivate students to become adventurous and brave explorers, not afraid to take risks and eager to tread on new paths to excel perpetually in life. We nurture them into learners who are tough in spirit but flexible in mind and into goal setters who pursue their dreams and shape their ambitions with single minded purpose in the facilitated joyful, liberal and boundary less ambience.

We believe in maintaining high academic and behavioral standards which are challenging yet attainable. The ideals of fair play, social interaction and competitiveness are also encouraged. Our children are respected as individuals who have distinct personalities, abilities and talents. Gradually, with recognition and encouragement for their unique qualities assisted with safe and nurturing environment, they develop self-discipline and competence to exercise their freedom of movement and choice.

We prepare children to be responsible, upstanding and well adjusted citizens of the world, who are ready to face the today’s globalized society.

We welcome you here, to the world of learning with interesting and enjoyable ways, to the world where every child is supported to grow as per his or her potential.

God Bless ! Mrs. Meera Sinha